Google is getting their Android Operating system out there. Officially, the Acer Aspire One netbook won’t be released with Android for a few months. However, you can download the installer now and try it out yourself. Eko Wahyudiharto on “It’s All About Works” installed it. Check out his review here.

The Acer Aspire One 531h 10.1-Inch Diamond Black Netbook is similar to Acer’s other netbooks. These models have the Intel Atom processor, a 10.1″ screen, come in 1 or 2 GB of RAM and have the same features as Acer’s other 10.1″ netbooks. The bonus here: built-in 3G. What does this mean? You don’t have to find a coffee shop or library or bookstore with wireless when you want to get online. You can sign up for an account with AT&T or Verizon and get wireless Internet anywhere you could get 3G cell phone service.  And you don’t need to get one of those annoying USB modems from the phone carrier-all built in. Continue Reading »

Not even a little. Like Jay Bika says on the Netbook Era site,  “Truth of the matter is that netbooks are just getting started.” Check out the rest of his article here.

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